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AUDIO CD | LIVE AT CLUB DER POLNISCHEN VERSAGER , BERLIN 2016 | Casserley, Illvibe, Morgan, Sjöström
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AUDIO CD | LIVE AT CLUB DER POLNISCHEN VERSAGER , Berlin 2016 | Casserley, Illvibe, Morgan, Sjöström

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Genre: Modern Jazz, Avantgarde Classical
Spieldauer: 55 Minuten
EAN/GTIN: 4050215274358

Lawrence Casserley | DJ Illvibe | Jeffrey Morgan | Harri Sjöström

Track     Titel:                                       Spielzeit:
01           Onklaguta                               32:06
02           Gutaonkla                               23:39

Lawrence Casserley (Electronics, Signal Processing Instruments), DJ Illvibe (Turntables), Jeffrey Morgan (Alto Clarinet), Harri Sjöström (Soprano Saxophone, Sopranino Saxophone)– four distinct musical personalities, coming from four different countries, finding themselves together on stage in a quartet formation for the first time, and the results of their performance are documented here.

The line up is exquisite – delightful what occurs in the extraordinary instrumental combination, but also in the potential of the players and the resulting tension – utilizing different genres of sonic language – constantly shifting focus between moods and soundscapes – the large arcs being developed require deep intuitive understanding of form and dynamics, which for these players is highly developed.

This is the first release of their quartet. It was recorded live at the Club der Polnischen Versager in Berlin 2016.

Lawrence Casserley, born in England in 1941, has been involved with electronic music since the 1960’s. He has worked his way through analog synthesizers, building some himself, and later developed an original concept for real-time processing called the SPI (signal processing instrument), which responds to real time input rather than programming, and transforms the sounds of other instruments into a sonic tapestry. He has had a long standing collaboration with Evan Parker, working in duo and with Evans Electro-acoustic Ensemble. He has been invited by numerous international artists, festivals and institutions to perform, and lead workshops and seminars. His light and sound collaborations with Peter Jones have been exhibited internationally.

DJ Illvibe, born in Berlin in 1980. He grew up surrounded by musicians that were affiliated with his father, Alexander von Schlippenbach. During his youth he learned to play several instruments, however at 14 he decided to focus on “The Wheels of Steel”. Due to his fascination with the infinite possibilities of the turntable he mastered the tricks of the trade, namely scratching techniques. Over the course of time he collected a library of vinyl, enabling him to rise to the occasion of any given situation, from typical Hip Hop and R&B styling’s to abstract textual applications. His membership in bands like the Seeeds and Lychee Lassi were highly acclaimed. In the free music scene he has worked with Paul Lovens, Christopher Rumble, and Lok 03 (with his father and Aki Takase).

Jeffrey Morgan, born in the U.S.A. in 1954, started playing violin when he was 10 and later integrated into a youth orchestra. At 19 he was inspired by The Art Ensemble of Chicago and Sun Ra and picked up the saxophone, trumpet, clarinet and started playing the piano as well. During his university studies he organized a Freeform Music Workshop in 1975. A year later he attended the Creative Music Studio led by Karl Berger and participated in workshops with Don Cherry. In 1983 he released his first documented solo and ensemble works, “Quasar-Mach”, on LP. In 1988 he made his first pilgrimage to Europe in search of greener pastures and has since played with dozens of notable improvisors including Alan Silva, Keith Rowe and Peter Kowald.

Harri Sjöström, born in Finland in 1952, played piano and guitar in his youth and later found his voice in the music on soprano and sopranino saxophones. He studied music and fine arts in San Francisco in the 1970’s, which led to participation in workshops by John Cage, Vinko Globokar, George Russell and Bill Dixon, and to study saxophone under Leo Wright and  Steve Lacy. After returning to Europe in 1978 he found the opportunities to work with the crème De la crème: Derek Bailey, Paul Lovens, Paul Rutherford, Reggie Workman and eventually an extensive working relationship with Cecil Taylor on many projects, including five small group recording releases. He has also composed music for film and is still active today with his photography.

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  1. Mirco

    The band create some very imaginative soundscapes and audio worlds, using, for example, many samples from the acoustical world. Their performance shows that the combination of live electronics and acoustical instruments works well in the hands of creative musicians. (DM)

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